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Veritox® works closely with other scientific experts whose services complement ours:

GT Engineering

GT ENGINEERING provides forensic engineering, scientific analysis and expert testimony on a broad range of technical disciplines.

CygNet IT

CygNet tailors highly-effective IT services for small businesses.


IDEHL® provides premium mycology services and technical consultation to indoor air quality and building professionals, and associated industries. Our goal is to combine the highest quality of analytical testing with excellent client support.

Professional Affiliations

Academy of Toxicological Sciences

American Academy of Clinical Toxicology

American Academy of Veterinary and Comparative Toxicology

American Board of Industrial Hygiene

American Board of Toxicology

American College of Medical Toxicology

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

American College of Toxicology

American Industrial Hygiene Association

American Physiological Society

American Society for Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

British Toxicology Society

Society of Toxicology

Radiation Research Society

Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine

Teratology Society

UK Register of Toxicologists