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Veritox® toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and physicians have training and experience in occupational health, product registration, health risk assessment, and personal injury claims relating to exposure.

Risk Assessment

Veritox® toxicologists use their knowledge of industry guidelines and national and international regulations to characterize risks from exposure to occupational or environmental chemicals and drugs.

Our toxicologists have conducted health-effects evaluations of a variety of contaminated environmental sites and have experience with numerous air and water quality issues. We use the latest scientific methods and information to identify and describe chemical hazards, estimate human exposures, and predict potential health risks.

Our experts work with industry, governments, financial companies, non-governmental organizations, and professional consultants to help standardize the process of assessing properties for their environmental liabilities. We provide risk assessment advice and support services during the clean-up of contaminated sites, and offer training in Environmental Site Assessment.

Veritox® clients benefit from a superior level of experience, credibility, and sound science. We are qualified to interpret existing guidelines and regulations and to compare the approaches of different jurisdictions. When needed, we also propose new criteria based on specific information about chemical hazards and predicted exposures.



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