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Veritox® toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and physicians have training and experience in occupational health, product registration, health risk assessment, and personal injury claims relating to exposure.

Research and Information Services

Veritox® research librarians have access to business, professional, and scientific resources, and can find, retrieve, and manage critical information.

Our librarians offer complete information management services, including research, reference acquisition, database development and management, and electronic conversion of printed materials

Our research librarians also provide resource creation, development, and maintenance services, including database development and management, collections and record management, and onsite library setup.

Veritox® research librarians can procure print and electronic materials quickly and easily. As clients pay only for services used, our researchers are an excellent solution to the prohibitive costs and resources that are required to establish and monitor independent subscriptions services.

Our skills and resources are essential to literature reviews, expert witness preparation, litigation support, and medical toxicology consulting. Most recently, we have worked with professional clients in a range of specialties:



Industrial Hygiene

Medical Toxicology

Preclinical Drug Development

Risk Assessment

Analytical Chemistry

Research and Information Services