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Veritox® toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and physicians have training and experience in occupational health, product registration, health risk assessment, and personal injury claims relating to exposure.

Industrial Hygiene

Veritox® Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) hold and maintain the expertise and experience to recognize health hazards in workplaces, homes, and the environment; to evaluate and monitor exposures; and, to recommend control measures.

We offer special expertise assessing issues related to asbestos and other fibers, silica and metals, benzene and other solvents, mold, indoor environments, and noise. We also provide litigation support.

We offer assistance with the development of OSHA-compliant Safety Data Sheets and perform required hazard communication training.

Our industrial hygienists work in concert with Veritox® toxicologists, physicians, engineers, and analytical chemists, providing comprehensive in-house services.

Our industrial hygienists work closely with clients to minimize risk and identify cost-effective solutions to their workplace and environmental exposure challenges:



Industrial Hygiene

Medical Toxicology

Preclinical Drug Development

Risk Assessment

Analytical Chemistry

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