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Bryan Hardin, PhD, ATS, is a Principal Toxicologist with Veritox®, Inc.

Dr. Hardin holds a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor and Master of Science degrees earned at the University of Oklahoma. He was commissioned into the US Public Health Service and began his public health career with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), where he served in research, policy, and management roles, culminating as Deputy Director of NIOSH and Assistant Surgeon General in the Public Health Service.

Dr. Hardin is experienced in a broad spectrum of public and occupational health issues. The consistent theme of his 28-year career at NIOSH was identifying hazards, assessing risks, developing science-based health and safety policies, and communicating risk- and science-based evaluations to other government agencies and to the public, industry, and organized labor.

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